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Some people may wonder... why should I buy generic drugs? Well if you are as rich a Bill Gates then this is perhaps the least of your worries, but for ordinary persons like we the prices for Branded Drugs are simply outrageous and it is not for nothing that pharmaceutical stocks are very popular because of their stable dividends and growing companies. The reason is simple because with brand drugs you pay too much for simple medicines. Here I don't even mention the very high salaries for all the managers at the pharma companies and how they influence the doctors worldwide (including your local doctor) with big bonusses and expensive luxury trips to make them sell their expensive branded drugs...

The solution?

Generic Drugs of course!!!!

Generic Drugs are the best way to give a message to the pharmaceutical companies about their unethical way of asking extremely high prices for their drugs. Of course via you local doctor, generic drugs are difficult to get, so better to use an online drugstore or online pharmacy to obtain them. We found the 2 very trusted online pharmacies below which sell cheap generic drugs online with FREE Shipping and we tested them over on over again. Also we found good reviews about them and they are in business for over 10 years1

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